Security & Medical Emergency Response Training

from MARC Solutions Worldwide Ltd.
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Pre-deployment training and advice is a vital factor when planning to operate in hostile environments or fragile states. This course is designed to meet your planning needs.

This one-day course is based on the skills required for dealing with emergency medical trauma, in locations where immediate hospital care is not available. However, as so many medical emergencies are the result of an adverse security situation, the course includes a security and medical planning element.


Costs vary according to numbers on the course and location. As an example, a group of ten students requiring a course in London would pay £95.00 per person.

This price includes:

Eight hours training (details below)

Certification, through NUCO Training Limited, which meets the standards of the UK Health & Safety Executive regulations (first aid) 1981

Book – covering the course content, one per person

Facilitator travel costs

The course content includes:

Pre-deployment security and medical planning

Safety and security at the scene

Primary survey & immediate medical care

Catastrophic bleeding

Non-breathing casualty

Further diagnosis


Bones and muscle injury


Other medical conditions

Casualty evacuation

Specific conditions and treatment related to your area of operations

The course is completely flexible and will be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be extended to run over two days, for more in depth training, or split into two sessions for convenience, (additional travel costs may apply).

Your instructor is qualified to deliver your training and has a wealth of experience to share with you. Should you have any questions after the course, ongoing advice is apart of the service.


Your training will be delivered using a variety of visual and physical aids. Your facilitator will explain, in detail, each aspect of the training and through a process of explanation, discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice, you will learn the skills required to provide effective medical first aid at the scene of an incident.


By the end of the course, you will fully understand the principles of security and medical planning, the equipment you require and the skills required to provide effective medical first aid to an injured person.

Target audience

The course is available for all NGOs and development agencies and can be run at your location in the UK or overseas.

How to register:

Please contact MARC Solutions Worldwide LTD

Mobile UK: +44 (0) 7731 848 928