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This page brings together the most relevant information on aid worker safety and security from ReliefWeb's extensive collection of humanitarian content. The two main columns show substantive reports such as safety manuals and guidelines, statistical reports on security incidents involving aid workers, and analysis of the implications of engaging with private security providers and the role of peacekeepers in humanitarian interventions.

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31 Dec 2009 description

At a glance

Current number of people of humanitarian concern: 3.64 million

Number of displaced people: 1.55 million

Total CAP requirements for 2010 in health: USD $46.4 million

Number of health cluster projects in CAP 2010: 36

Number of health cluster partners in 2010: 18 who contributed to the CAP; over 30 active partners in coordination

The health cluster produces a regular bulletin of partners' activities

31 Dec 2009 description

Depuis 2003, les opérations humanitaires soutenues par la Commission européenne à travers son service d'aide humanitaire (DG ECHO) viennent en aide aux populations les plus vulnérables : réfugiées, déplacées et hôtes à l'Est et au Sud du Tchad et ce pour un montant total de 135 millions d'euros. L'assistance de la Commission européenne permet de couvrir les besoins essentiels de 268,000 réfugiés soudanais, de 74,000 réfugiés centrafricains et de 171,000 déplacés internes tchadiens ainsi que des populations tchadiennes les plus vulnérables qui les ont accueillies.

31 Dec 2009 description

Summary & Assessment

Over the past year, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) were involved in 172 incidents in which 19 NGO staff were killed and 18 seriously injured. All victims were of Afghan nationals this year. Murders due to personal (non-work) related dispute and roadside attacks were the primary caused of death. While crime continues to have an important impact on NGOs, the expanding conflict as well as the perception of armed opposition groups (AOG) towards NGOs have become much more significant factors of NGO security, or insecurity.

31 Dec 2009 description


The humanitarian situation and living conditions in the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPT) have remained of great concern during 2009. This is due to the ongoing Israeli illegal policies and measures that are in gross violation to both humanitarian and human rights laws.

31 Dec 2009 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

1. The present report is submitted pursuant to the statement by the President of the Security Council of 31 October 2001 (S/PRST/2001/30), in which the Council requested me to submit reports at least every four months on the situation in Somalia and the efforts to promote the peace process, as well as to operative paragraph 13 of Security Council resolution 1872 (2009), in which the Council requested me to take the steps identified in paragraphs 82 to 86 of my report of 16 April 2009 (S/2009/210) and to report on progress.

31 Dec 2009 description


Don't shoot the ambulance!

Humanitarians are neither enemies to be killed, nor merchandise to be sold. And yet, the recent attack against the house of United Nations' staff in Kabul shows that aid workers in general, and the UN in particular, are clearly considered to be parties to the conflict. In Somalia, the war between the transition government and opposition groups has resulted in a huge increase in the price of militias. Those who do not have access to the spoils of piratry are looking for other sources of revenue.

31 Dec 2009 description


- The security situation throughout South and Central Somalia remains unchanged with heavy fighting during the reporting period particularly in Mogadishu, resulting in significant displacement and civilian deaths.

- Approximately 19,000 people were displaced in December 2009 throughout Somalia, out of which approximately 13,000 people were displaced due to insecurity in Mogadishu.

31 Dec 2009 description


La Guinée figure sur la liste des pays bénéficiaires de fonds "urgence sous financée" CERF pour 2010

I - Situation Humanitaire

1.1 Santé

Bilan des victimes du 28 septembre

Plus de deux mois après les événements du 28 septembre 2009, le Comité de Crise Sanitaire National appuyé par le cluster santé a fait le premier bilan relatif à la prise en charge des victimes du 28 septembre au cours d'une réunion le 16 décembre 2009.

30 Dec 2009 description

Kinshasa, 30 December 2009 - MONUC is deeply concerned by recent death threats against members of the UN Joint Human Rights Office and of local human rights organisations in Kalemie.

On 24 December 2009, three members of the UN Joint Human Rights Office and seven members of local human rights organisations received anonymous death threats on their mobile phones.

MONUC immediately informed DRC Government officials and has offered its assistance in the conduct of an investigation. MONUC condemns such threats and urges DRC Government to take all necessary action to ensure the security …

30 Dec 2009 description
report UN News Service

30 December 2009 - The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) today voiced its deep concerned over recent death threats against its human rights staff and local human rights organizations in Kalemie, in the African nation's far east, urging the Government to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety.

In a new release, the mission, known as MONUC, said that three members of the UN Joint Human Rights Office and seven members of a local human rights organizations received anonymous death threats on their mobile phones on 24 …

30 Dec 2009 description
report UN Radio

The African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and the Government of Sudan have agreed on a plan of action to ensure the safety of UNAMID personnel and their assets.

The plan was signed on Tuesday by UNAMID Force Commander, Patrick Nyamvumba, and the Sudanese Defence Director of International Cooperation, Magzoub Rahma.

This follows a meeting held in Khartoum mid-December in which the two parties discussed ways and means of reducing attacks on UNAMID.

Nyamvumba says the agreement, which will come into effect in two weeks, will provide additional measures to …

30 Dec 2009 description
report UN News Service

La Mission de l'Organisation des Nations Unies en République démocratique du Congo (MONUC) a exprimé mercredi sa vive préoccupation à la suite de menaces de mort dont ont été récemment victimes plusieurs membres du personnel de son Bureau conjoint des Nations Unies aux droits de l'homme (BCNUDH) et des membres d'organisations locales de défense des droits de l'homme.

En effet, trois membres du personnel du BCNUDH ainsi que sept membres d'organisations locales de défense des droits de l'homme de la ville de Kalemie (province du Katanga dans l'est de la RDC) …

29 Dec 2009 description

Today, representatives of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNAMID) and the Government of Sudan signed the framework for a plan of action aimed at ensuring the safety of UNAMID personnel and their assets.

This signing ceremony follows a working session held in Khartoum on Sunday 20 December in which the two parties discussed ways and means of reducing attacks on UNAMID.

28 Dec 2009 description


In Somalia, drought, conflict and displacement have combined to create one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

Between 1 and 1.5 million Somalis have been displaced within the country by fighting and hunger.

28 Dec 2009 description

KANDAHAR - The World Food Programme said it was deeply distressed to learn that one of its staff members was amongst the innocent victims of the suicide bombing in the southern city of Kandahar on Thursday 24 December.

The remains of the slain WFP security guard were identified by a relative on Sunday. For his family's protection, his identity is not being released.

"I am shocked and saddened by this terrible loss," said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

28 Dec 2009 description

Points saillants

- Affrontements entre les FACA et les éléments de la CPJP dans les environs de Ndélé

- Charles Massi arrêté à Ngaoundaye et emprisonné au Tchad

- Réhabilitation du Lycée et de la Maison des Jeunes de Paoua

- Victor Angelo, Chef de la MINURCAT à Sam Ouandja

- 20 motos pour la direction d'alphabétisation

- Octroi de 6,8 millions de $ de la Banque Mondiale pour la RCA

- Mission inter agence à Moungoumba dans la préfecture de la Lobaye