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This page brings together the most relevant information on aid worker safety and security from ReliefWeb's extensive collection of humanitarian content. The two main columns show substantive reports such as safety manuals and guidelines, statistical reports on security incidents involving aid workers, and analysis of the implications of engaging with private security providers and the role of peacekeepers in humanitarian interventions.

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24 Nov 2017 description


During October 2017, six incidents of violence against health care were reported. Of these, three have been verified and three are still being verified. Among the verified attacks, one incident was identified on a specialized physical rehabilitation center. The other one on a primary health care center in Rural Damascus (Eastern Ghouta) and the third an on-duty pharmacist was killed in Ar-raqqa city, Al-Tawasouyiah neighborhood as a result of an attack in the area.

24 Nov 2017 description
  • Following a violent armed robbery on 20 November that endangered the lives of its staff in Bangassou, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has evacuated all 58 national and international staff from the area and suspended medical operations there.
  • MSF was the last aid organisation working in Bangassou as violence had already pushed out others over the past few months. This leaves thousands without access to healthcare.
23 Nov 2017 description


A protracted protection crisis with a surge in violence and humanitarian needs on the rise

22 Nov 2017 description

UN Headquarters, New York, 13 November 2017

As delivered

Honourable delegates and representatives. Your Excellency Mr.Kpatamango of the Central African Republic to the United Nations. Thank you for being here today to discuss the situation in the Central African Republic.

22 Nov 2017 description

Bangui – Following a violent armed robbery on Monday 20 November that threatened the lives of its workers, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has evacuated all 58 national and international staff, and suspended medical operations from Bangassou, a town in southeastern Central African Republic. The town is largely under the control of various armed groups affiliated to the anti-Balaka factions.

22 Nov 2017 description
report Insecurity Insight

This overview document presents available information on KIK incidents that affected aid agencies and their staff. This report is based on incidents identified by Insecurity Insight's monitoring of open sources and confidentially shared by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND). It covers a total of 52 incidents in 19 countries in which 116 aid workers were affected between July and September 2017. The available open-source and confidentially shared information is an indication of the number of aid workers killed, injured or kidnapped.

22 Nov 2017 description



Le 11 novembre, des assaillants armés ont tendu une embuscade à un convoi d'aide humanitaire de six camions près de la ville de Kaga-Bandoro, dans le nord du pays, où les incidents d'insécurité ont récemment augmenté.

22 Nov 2017 description



Armed attackers ambushed a six-truck aid convoy on 11 November near the northern Kaga-Bandoro town, where incidents of insecurity have been on the rise lately. A week earlier, gunmen raided an aid convoy headed to Ndélé town, also in the north, robbed the entire cargo of one truck and killed a driver. So far this year, 13 aid workers have been killed in the spate of violence across the country.


22 Nov 2017 description

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights:  Rupert Colville
Location:  Geneva
Subject:   (1) Attacks/threats by States against UN human rights experts

(1) Attacks/threats by States against UN human rights experts

We are concerned by continuing efforts by certain States to undermine and denigrate important mechanisms established by the 47 Member States of the Human Rights Council.

21 Nov 2017 description



As of today, 32 humanitarian flights into Yemen have been cancelled and the [Saudi]‑led coalition has not been responding to new UN Humanitarian Air Service flight requests. As a result of the blockade, the Humanitarian Air Service is only able to operate flights to Aden. Humanitarian staff have been unable to move in or out of Sana’a since the blockade went into effect.

21 Nov 2017 description

Réunions statutaires 2017 du Mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, cérémonie d'ouverture, déclaration du président du CICR, Peter Maurer, Antalya, Turquie, 6 novembre 2017

Bienvenue aux réunions statutaires du Mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, qui nous offrent une occasion unique de nous rassembler pour façonner ensemble l’avenir de l’action humanitaire. Au nom du CICR, je tiens à remercier la Société du Croissant-Rouge turc d’accueillir ces réunions.

20 Nov 2017 description

Entering the seventh year of the crisis, the scale, severity, and complexity of needs across Syria remain overwhelming. Some 13.1 million people in Syria require humanitarian assistance. Of these, 5.6 million people are in acute need due to a convergence of vulnerabilities resulting from displacement, exposure to hostilities, and limited access to basic goods and services.

20 Nov 2017 description

20 November 2017 - WHO has received reports from the Sabha medical center on recent kidnapping of one of its doctors.

WHO strongly condemns kidnapping of health workers as well as any other attacks on medical personnel and health facilities. We consider immoral and illegal any act of verbal or physical violence, obstruction or threat of violence that interferes with the availability, access and delivery of health care.

Attacks on health facilities and medical staff negatively affect health care delivery and deprive civilians in need from receiving health services.

18 Nov 2017 description
report EastAfrican

In Summary
- Global Humanitarian law experts have raised the alarm over national counterterrorism laws that could hamper the work of aid organisations.
- Legal experts say that countries ought to strike a balance between humanitarian law and counterterrorism measures, in an era characterised by an upsurge of non-state armed groups resorting to acts of terrorism.

Global Humanitarian law experts have raised the alarm over national counterterrorism laws that could hamper the work of organisations providing relief in conflict situations.

17 Nov 2017 description

Toronto, ON- Doctors and medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta are overwhelmed by the influx of patients wounded and injured by intensifying attacks. Hundreds of airstrikes in civilian areas, including cluster bombs, which are indiscriminate in nature and prohibited by international law, are causing massive civilian casualties.

17 Nov 2017 description


  • Augmentation des incidents limitant l’accès humanitaire

  • Des milliers de déplacés en raison des violences

  • Révision à la hausse de l’appel de fonds pour répondre aux besoins humanitaires au Mali en 2017


Personnes Déplacées Internes (PDI) (rapport CMP, octobre 2017) 58 594

Réfugiés maliens dans les pays voisins (rapport CMP, octobre 2017) 142 436

Retournés (rapport CMP, octobre 2017) 498 170

17 Nov 2017 description

This week, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), one of the world’s largest and most well-respected NGOs, rolls out an innovative solution to reach inaccessible humanitarian aid workers in Syria – the Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox.

The NRC helps those forced to flee, supporting them to build a new future. It works across 30 countries, providing food, assistance, clean water, shelter, legal aid and education.

17 Nov 2017 description


  • Humanitarian Coordinator welcomes President Kiir's order on free, unimpeded and unhindered movement of humanitarians in the country.

  • The current harvest season provides meagre respite to hunger crisis as conflict persists.

  • Heavy fighting in Nimni,
    Guit County, forces several aid workers to flee for their safety and abandon critical life-saving aid response.

  • More than 17,300 IDPs in Kajo-keji flee to new safe locations due to fighting between armed actors.

16 Nov 2017 description


  • Humanitarians and the Government plan to help 78,000 families to get through winter warmly.

  • Civilian casualties recorded in the first nine months of the year remain close to record levels.

  • Biosand filters provide clean drinking water to families in Lashkargah.

  • More than 160 humanitarian partners ensure good coverage and capacities across the country.

  • Eradication of Polio in Afghanistan has never been so close, but much work remains to be done.