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This topic includes reports and resources on a wide range of issues related to humanitarian financing such as accountability and transparency, partnerships, funding mechanisms and relevant policy discussions.

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23 Jan 2019 description


De manière générale, le conflit peut être une force de changement indispensable aux niveaux politique et social. En revanche, il devient problématique lorsqu’il devient très violent et qu’il se transforme en conflit armé provoquant morts, pillages et déplacements de populations.

23 Jan 2019 description

Barnaby Willitts-King, Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy and John Bryant

Humanitarian action by its nature often operates in politically charged situations, and there are often tensions between delivering assistance according to the humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence, and understanding and responding to the political realities of crises that strongly influence how, what and where humanitarian action takes place.

22 Jan 2019 description

In support of the 2019 Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq allocated US$33.9 million from the Iraq Humanitarian Fund (IHF) under the year’s 1st Standard Allocation. The prioritization and proposal development processes began in late 2018 to ensure that funds were made available for partners to start implementing their projects in early January.

20 Jan 2019 description

Barnaby Willitts-King, Roshni Assomull, John Bryant, Clare McCartney, Tej Dhami and Dominic Llewellyn with Sarah Adamczyk

20 Jan 2019 description

Fon Mathuros, Head of Media, World Economic Forum, Tel.: +41 79 201 0211; Email:

· The World Economic Forum, the World Bank and the International Committee of the Red Cross are launching a High-Level Group on Humanitarian Investing to unlock new capital in fragile contexts.

· This initiative brings together representatives from the investor, corporate, humanitarian and development communities to collectively deliver on new solutions that will help the most vulnerable people.

20 Jan 2019 description
report Voice of America

Lisa Schlein

GENEVA — Heads of U.N. and international aid agencies will use the World Economic Forum’s influential platform to present humanitarian and human rights issues on behalf of millions of people caught in conflict, poverty and natural disasters. The Forum begins its annual weeklong meeting in the plush Swiss Alpine resort of Davos on Monday.

The World Economic Forum is best known for the many high-powered government and business leaders who make the annual pilgrimage to Davos to acquire lucrative deals and shape geopolitical events.

18 Jan 2019 description

À la fin du mois de décembre 2018, 21 Plans de réponse humanitaire (HRP) et le Plan régional de réponse pour la Syrie (3RP) nécessitaient 24,93 milliards de dollars pour assister 97,9 millions de personnes ayant un besoin urgent d’assistance humanitaire. Les financements requis restaient identiques à ceux enregistrés à fin du mois de novembre 2018. Les plans sont financés à hauteur de 14,58 milliards de dollars, comblant 58,5% des besoins financiers pour 2018.

17 Jan 2019 description

BRUSSELS — The arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in Europe during 2015-2016 catapulted integration policymakers from the periphery to the center of debates shaping the European continent but gave them few tools to support their change in status, argues the Migration Policy Institute Europe in a new report.

17 Jan 2019 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON, 15 janvier 2019 – Le Groupe de la Banque mondiale a lancé aujourd’hui son Plan d’action sur l’adaptation au changement climatique et la résilience (a). Ce plan prévoit de porter le soutien financier direct aux mesures d’adaptation à 50 milliards de dollars sur les exercices 2021 à 2025. Soit un niveau de financement de 10 milliards de dollars par an en moyenne qui vient doubler les montants alloués sur la période 2015-2018.

16 Jan 2019 description


Measuring impact without transparency

This week we’ll be at the OECD with development specialists, bankers, policy makers and impact investors to discuss new ways of using private finance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This year discussions are focusing on impact.

16 Jan 2019 description
report World Bank

World Bank Group Announces $50 billion over Five Years for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

16 Jan 2019 description

Major fraud and corruption in Uganda’s operations will come at a steep cost to all refugees.

Uganda hosts Africa’s largest refugee population and is heralded as a model of progressive refugee policies. But damning 2018 reports have revealed fraud and corruption within Uganda refugee operations.

15 Jan 2019 description

By Ruth Levine and Joseph Asunka

Ruth Levine is the Program Director of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population program; Joseph Asunka is a Program Officer who manages grants that support fiscal transparency and accountability in developing countries.

11 Jan 2019 description

Key messages

• Pro-poor policies, such as cash transfers, hold wide appeal for politicians in times of economic crises because of the visibility and high level of international support available for such measures.

• The political returns to politicians from a widespread pro-poor policy are significant: they potentially expand their voter base.

• The highly visible link between the politician and cash transfers has mobilised politicians to invest in state capacity and reach eligible citizens.

11 Jan 2019 description
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At the end of December 2018, 21 Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) and the Syria Regional Response Plan (3RP) required US$24.93 billion to assist 97.9 million people in urgent need of humanitarian support. The requirements remained unchanged as of the end of November 2018. The plans are funded at $14.58 billion which amounts to 58.5 per cent of financial requirements for 2018. Notably, the percentage of total funding contributed through humanitarian response plans carried out by the UN with partners in 2018 is estimated at 62.9%.

10 Jan 2019 description

This article is part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Each year, humanitarian aid organizations save and protect tens of millions of people caught up in crises across the world.

08 Jan 2019 description

Fonds central d’intervention d’urgence (CERF)

En septembre 2018, le USG/ERC* a décidé d’allouer 10 millions de dollars dans le cadre de la deuxième allocation du CERF, catégorie urgences sous-financées.
L'Equipe Humanitaire Pays a priorisé 10 projets de 7 agences des Nations Unies dans les secteurs suivants : l'Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement, Santé, Sécurité alimentaire, Nutrition,
Protection, Abris/AME/CCCM et Éducation.