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Understanding how crises affect women and men, girls and boys of different ages and disparities is critical to effective humanitarian preparedness and response. Women, girls, boys and men have distinct needs, priorities, responsibilities, limitations and protection needs. They are exposed to differential risks and vulnerabilities but also play unique and important roles in preparedness and in responding to emergencies, conflicts and building peace within their respective communities. Gender equality in humanitarian action is about better targeting and programming and therefore about effectiveness of humanitarian action reaching all segments of the affected population.

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17 Mar 2018 description

In a context of protracted displacement and acute emergencies, Palestine refugee women and girls are also affected by occupation, blockade and conflict. Their situation is frequently made worse by persistent legal and social discrimination. UNRWA is strongly committed to gender equality through the provision of its services and management practices. While remaining committed to this principled approach, the achievements of recent years are at risk if UNRWA is unable to fill its funding gap.

16 Mar 2018 description

The General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, 14 mars 2018

Check against delivery.

Ms/Mr Chairperson,
Distinguished delegates.

It is an honour to be here. The UN is key in international efforts to promote gender equality, and women's and girls' full enjoyment of all human rights.

Sweden aligns itself with the statement made by Bulgaria on behalf ofthe EU, and its Member States.

14 Mar 2018 description
report UN Women

“Time is Now: press for Progress to Transform Women and Girls Living in Rural Areas’’

14 Mar 2018 description


A total of 42 persons representing 20 organizations (5 UN Agencies, 7 local NGOs, 1 government entity, 7 INGOs) participated in a SGBV gap analysis workshop held in August 2017. Participants included both field staff as well as staff with national responsibilities.

They were divided in groups covering the following locations:

  • Amman/Balqa/Zarqa/South

  • Irbid

  • Mafraq

  • Zaatari camp

  • Azraq camp

14 Mar 2018 description

Introduction and scope of the issue

Maldives has a total population of 407,660 (out of which about 15% are foreign citizens), distributed in 187 administrative islands. The youth cohort (15-29 years) comprise of 31.5 % of the population. While Male’, the capital island, has a population of roughly 38 percent of the total population, about 62 percent live in the islands of the Atolls. Maldives ranks at 105 out of the 188 countries in the UNDP Human Development Index.

09 Mar 2018 description

Déclaration du Directeur général de l’OMS, le Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, pour la Journée internationale de la femme

Pour cette Journée internationale de la femme, nous imaginons un monde dans lequel chaque femme et chaque fille a accès à des soins de santé abordables et de qualité, peut exercer librement ses droits en matière de santé sexuelle et reproductive, un monde dans lequel toutes les femmes et les filles sont traitées et respectées comme des égales des hommes.

07 Mar 2018 description

By Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia

In the WHO South-East Asia Region and beyond, more than half the population – women – face what is often egregious discrimination. Discrimination in education and the opportunity to learn to read and write. Discrimination in access to nutrition and the chance to grow healthy and strong. And discrimination in the workplace, where women can be subjected to unwanted advances or have their work undervalued or unpaid.

03 Mar 2018 description


  • High level advocacy continues on the worsening humanitarian situation and on eastern Ghouta and Idlib, with a focus on escalation and attacks on health facilities, urgent access for medicine and medical supplies to HTR and besieged areas and sustainable and regular medical evacuations.

  • The latest UN Security Resolution 2401 (2018) on 30-day cessation of hostilities in Syria is to enable humanitarian aid delivery.

27 Feb 2018 description

“My husband and I fought most of the time. He yelled at me to mind women business only and to obey him.”

23 Feb 2018 description
report UN Women

It is a time of transformation in Asia and the Pacific. In 32 countries of the region, UN Women is joining women and men, governments, civil society groups, businesses and others in a common aim: gender equality.

The region’s vibrant economies and societies have produced historic advances in human well-being. Women have been central to these advances, as leaders of communities and countries, as workers and innovators, as advocates for peace and security.

23 Feb 2018 description

Authors/editor(s): Claudia Abreu Lopes and Savita Bailur

This report outlines the value of big data (organic, unstructured data) for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to women. Research methods included a landscape review, interviews with UN Women and UN Global Pulse experts, and others in international development.

20 Feb 2018 description

As we begin 2018, we are delighted to have ended 2017 on a high note, confident that we helped make investment in young people the rallying call of the year. Our response to the call of the African Union to develop a roadmap on the demographic dividend has led to actions in the 55 member states, as well as by United Nations agencies, partners, civil society organizations, parliamentarians, and youth groups around the 2017 theme: “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth.” We believe that this message is now beginning to sink in.

14 Feb 2018 description

Mogadishu – Shamsa Abdullahi Bybook was a young nurse in her twenties when she fled the mounting chaos and tensions of Mogadishu in 1989 to start a new life in the United Kingdom. She became an experienced midwife at a North London hospital with a master’s degree from Middlesex University and raised a family.

But she never forgot Somalia. On her periodic visits to her homeland, the mother of six was appalled by the poor medical facilities available to young pregnant women and the numbers who died during childbirth.

09 Feb 2018 description

UNHCR particularly worried about the situation at overcrowded centres on the Aegean islands of Lesvos and Samos.

GENEVA – Reports of sexual harassment and violence at some overcrowded refugee reception centres in Greece are a cause for concern and one woman said she had not taken a shower for two months from fear of being attacked, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, said today.

08 Feb 2018 description


● UNRWA is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, risking the agency’s ability to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance in the oPt, including to almost one million people in the Gaza Strip.

● Electricity outages of up to 16 hours a day, continue to undermine the provision of basic services in the Gaza Strip, despite an increase in electricity supply from Israel.