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Understanding how crises affect women and men, girls and boys of different ages and disparities is critical to effective humanitarian preparedness and response. Women, girls, boys and men have distinct needs, priorities, responsibilities, limitations and protection needs. They are exposed to differential risks and vulnerabilities but also play unique and important roles in preparedness and in responding to emergencies, conflicts and building peace within their respective communities. Gender equality in humanitarian action is about better targeting and programming and therefore about effectiveness of humanitarian action reaching all segments of the affected population.

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21 Feb 2018 description
report Plan International


Girls continue to be the largest excluded group in the world. They face discrimination and abuse simply for being young and female. At all stages of their early lives up to adulthood, girls face distinct disadvantages that are directly related to this double discrimination.

20 Feb 2018 description

As we begin 2018, we are delighted to have ended 2017 on a high note, confident that we helped make investment in young people the rallying call of the year. Our response to the call of the African Union to develop a roadmap on the demographic dividend has led to actions in the 55 member states, as well as by United Nations agencies, partners, civil society organizations, parliamentarians, and youth groups around the 2017 theme: “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth.” We believe that this message is now beginning to sink in.

20 Feb 2018 description
report CARE

Written By: Hind Abbas, Communication Assistant

War is a word consisting of three letters. Reading and hearing about it in books and movies sounds terrifying but living in it is a completely different scenario. Sometimes I feel I am trapped in a seemingly endless conflict. Sometimes I think how the sound and effect of war are very fast and devastating and how the sound and effect of building are very quiet and empowering.

20 Feb 2018 description

New governments in both countries could reverse their poor track by learning from local projects

Neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone are undergoing post-conflict transitions. And in both countries, national elections are ushering in new administrations. In March, elections will be held in Sierra Leone, and in January, George Weah took over as Liberia’s president from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

19 Feb 2018 description

KANDAHAR - Discussing the challenges faced by women in the southern region of the country, a group of women singled out education as a priority need.

In an open forum with the Kandahar regional office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), a group of women gathered to discuss and exchange ideas on how to overcome the many challenges they face as Afghan women.

16 Feb 2018 description

Los ajustes administrativos no representan un cambio en la responsabilidad y las funciones que la Ley de Víctimas asigna a la Unidad en relación con el cumplimiento y desarrollo del enfoque de Género.


De acuerdo con la Ley 1448 de 2011, la atención a las víctimas en Colombia se hace con base en un enfoque diferencial que reconoce la existencia de poblaciones con características particulares en razón de su edad, género, orientación sexual y situaciones de discapacidad que requieren un tratamiento especial.

16 Feb 2018 description


  • WFP has delivered 4,000mt of food to over 200,000 people in four counties through the integrated rapid response mechanism (IRRM).

  • The first test barge in 2018 from Renk to Malakal was successfully completed on 13 February.

  • Construction of the road to the Kuajok bridge (Warrap) has been completed.

  • There has been an increase of deliveries from the Northern Corridor in Sudan with convoys carrying 14,700mt of food.

Situation Update

16 Feb 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


Ana Maria Buller; Amber Peterman; Meghna Ranganathan; Alexandra Bleile; Melissa Hidrobo; Lori Heise


15 Feb 2018 description

The Zero Hunger Challenge emphasizes the importance of strengthening economic empowerment in support of the Sustainable Development Goal 2 to double small-scale producer incomes and productivity. The increasing focus on resilient markets can bring important contributions to sustainable food systems and build resilience. Participation in market systems is not only a means for people to secure their livelihood, but it also enables them to exercise agency, maintain dignity, build social capital and increase self-worth.

15 Feb 2018 description

Le programme « Zéro Faim » met l’accent sur l’importance de renforcer l’autonomisation économique et soutient l’Objectif de Développement Durable 2 qui vise à doubler les revenus et la productivité des petits producteurs. L’intérêt croissant porté sur les marchés résilients peut apporter des contributions importantes aux systèmes alimentaires durables et édifier la résilience.

14 Feb 2018 description

Mogadishu – Shamsa Abdullahi Bybook was a young nurse in her twenties when she fled the mounting chaos and tensions of Mogadishu in 1989 to start a new life in the United Kingdom. She became an experienced midwife at a North London hospital with a master’s degree from Middlesex University and raised a family.

But she never forgot Somalia. On her periodic visits to her homeland, the mother of six was appalled by the poor medical facilities available to young pregnant women and the numbers who died during childbirth.

12 Feb 2018 description
report UN Women

UN-Women’s operational response in Haiti may be of interest to the Board, due to the specific context and scope of its efforts to help bridge serious gender disparities in wellbeing, opportunities, access and control over productive resources, in a country consolidating the rule of law and undergoing a complex socioeconomic transition, against a backdrop of decades of governance and security deficits, further compounded by atypically high levels of vulnerability to natural disasters and changing weather patterns. This note aims to:

09 Feb 2018 description

UNHCR particularly worried about the situation at overcrowded centres on the Aegean islands of Lesvos and Samos.

GENEVA – Reports of sexual harassment and violence at some overcrowded refugee reception centres in Greece are a cause for concern and one woman said she had not taken a shower for two months from fear of being attacked, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, said today.

09 Feb 2018 description

UNIQUE ID: 180208_8

Today, the first meeting of the Joint Committee established under the EU - Afghanistan Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development (CAPD) was held in Brussels.

08 Feb 2018 description


● UNRWA is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, risking the agency’s ability to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance in the oPt, including to almost one million people in the Gaza Strip.

● Electricity outages of up to 16 hours a day, continue to undermine the provision of basic services in the Gaza Strip, despite an increase in electricity supply from Israel.

08 Feb 2018 description
report CARE

by Toral Pattni and Delphine Brun