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Better Humanitarian Financing

OCHA's "Better Humanitarian Financing" initiative is a platform for staff to learn, reflect, and brainstorm about emerging ideas, approaches, technologies, and partnerships to foster a better humanitarian financing system. This initiative is led and supported by OCHA's Humanitarian Financing and Resource Mobilization Division. It aims to broaden our knowledge base and help us shape a humanitarian financing system that is less reactive and more anticipatory. The pillars of our work include cross-disciplinary discussion, strategic foresight, and experimentation. Our guests and collaborators include scholars, leaders, and practitioners, experts in humanitarian action, international development, technology, and financing. Together, we are exploring how to “move from today's approach, where we watch disaster and tragedy build, gradually decide to respond and then mobilize money and organizations to help; to an anticipatory approach where we plan in advance for the next crises, putting the response plans and the money for them in place before they arrive, and releasing the money and mobilizing the response agencies as soon as they are needed." (Mark Lowcock, 23 March 2018)