Mali: Cholera - Oct 1984

Disaster description

A cholera epidemic broke out in Jul/Aug 1984 and spread rapidl, approx 850 cases were registered between Koulikoro, Niger and Burkina Faso borders. On 8 Nov, the Ministery of health and WHO reported that the peak of the epidemic was over. On 26 Oct, 1,475 cases were recorded with 331 deaths. On 31 Oct, 1,614 cases were recorded with 368 deaths. WHO recommended the following actions: oral rehydration, prevention, health education, water and sewage control, especially in North-East, Mopti and Timbouctou. On 8 Aug 1985, the epidemic worsened due to the rainy season therefore new cases were recorded. From 15 May to 15 Jun, 569 cases and114 deaths; from 15 Jun to 15 Jul, 1,031 cases and 172 deaths. WHO reported that between Jan and end of Jul, 2,563 cases with 547 deaths were recorded. (UN DHA, 13 Oct 194)

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