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22 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING (Reuter) - Millions of people battled floods in central and south China amid fears the worst was yet to come, officials and state media said on Monday.

''The new week brings the start of a 20-day period that is thought by experts to be the country's most dangerous in terms of floods,'' the official China Daily said.

''It may be that the worst is yet to come,'' it said.

The death toll in Hunan province quadrupled to 195 alone, officials said.

22 Jul 1996 description
report Associated Press

By CHARLES HUTZLER Associated Press Writer

BEIJING (AP) - Rain pushed flood waters higher today across southern China, leaving hundreds of thousands of people stranded and prompting officials to warn of worse to come.

In the southern region of Guangxi, people fled into the mountains to escape flood waters that reached the fourth floor of buildings in some cities, said Marcel Roux of the international aid group Doctors Without Borders.

"It is a catastrophic situation everywhere. Everything has been destroyed, small factories, crops," Roux said.

21 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING (Jul 21, 1996 5:29 p.m. EDT) - Rescue workers have airlifted hundreds of tons of food and more than one million bottles of mineral water to a city in southwest China swamped by floods, officials and state media said Sunday.

The city of Liuzhou in Guangxi province was flooded except for a few areas of high ground after the water level of Liujiang river surged to its highest mark this century, a city government official said.

"The whole city is under water ... Our most urgent problem is drinking water," the official said by telephone.

19 Jul 1996 description

At least 14 provinces are suffering the effect of the heavy monsoon-rains plaguing China. More rain is predicted by local weather forecasters. The Red Cross Society of China and disaster reliefofficials are keeping a close watch on the situation along the Yangtze River as water levelscontinue to rise at numerous points as it passes along or through 7 provinces.

19 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING (Reuter) - Tens of thousands of Chinese troops piled up sacks of rice Friday to reinforce dykes as the mighty Yangtze river threatened to burst its banks as part of major flooding across south and central China that has already left 716 dead and millions homeless or stranded.

In Yiyang city, rescue workers and soldiers used 500 tons of rice sacks to fill gaps in the banks during an emergency to prevent the river, Asia's longest, from bursting its banks, a local official said.

18 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING (Reuter) - China mobilized more than one million people on Thursday to reinforce the banks of the mighty Yangtze after the country's longest river threatened to flood after swelling to its third highest level on record.

Floods threatened the lush lower reaches of the Yangtze and districts of some cities along the river had already been submerged, officials said.

More than 550 people have been killed in the last few weeks in flooding across vast swathes of southern and central China following fierce storms and torrential rains.

10 Jul 1996 description

Floods in China 1996 Information Bulletin No. 2 4 July 1996

10 Jul 1996 description

Floods in China 1996 Information Bulletin No. 25 July 1996

09 Jul 1996 description
report American Red Cross

Washington, July 9, 1996 - Devastating storms, flooding, landslides, and tornadoes currently wracking China are taking

a heavy toll on provinces already hard hit by last year's flooding. Red Cross early estimates cite nearly 300 dead although
media reports put the death toll at over 400. Some 5250 people have been injured and over 62,910 homes have been

Over 1.2 million people are surrounded by water and access to areas where they are located is difficult. Working with the
08 Jul 1996 description

preliminary appeal no. 10/96situation report no. 1period covered: 8 - 11 July

08 Jul 1996 description


08 Jul 1996 description
report Associated Press

BEIJING (AP) -- As storms lifted across southern China, millions of people went out to repair dikes, pump water and

08 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING, July 8 (Reuter) - Southern China mopped up on Monday after some of the worst floods in a century killed more than 400 people, with farmers replanting crops and troops buttressing river embankments.

With the death toll at least 405 in six provinces and expected to rise as more bodies were dug out from landslides or found in collapsed homes, officials were on alert for more storms as the annual typhoon season neared.

05 Jul 1996 description

Unusually severe seasonal floods have devastated parts of the southern provinces of Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Guizhou since 27 June 1996, killing an estimated 144 people. Torrential rains and consequent flooding has affected more than 10 million people and inundated vast areas of the countryside, including some 700,000 hectares of arable land planted with summer crops which officials estimate the initial losses to be valued at $1.2 billion.

05 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING (Reuter) - Floods across vast expanses of south China have begun to recede, leaving 237 people dead and thousands homeless, and officials Friday told troops and rescue workers to be on guard for more devastating storms.

''No area can lower its guard, they must be at full combat readiness and prepared to take on floods at any time,'' flood control expert Li Jiansheng told state media.

05 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING - Floods across southern China have begun to recede, leaving more than 200 dead and thousands homeless, but officials warned troops and rescue workers Friday to be on their guard for more storms. "No area can lower its guard, they must be at full combat readiness and prepared to take on floods at any time," flood control expert Li Jiansheng told state media.

Officials estimated the death toll had reached 218 across four provinces in southern China that were worst hit by some of the most disastrous floods in half a century, but said that figure could rise.

04 Jul 1996 description

BEIJING - Chinese soldiers swam house to house through rising floodwaters to rescue stranded residents as the death toll from some of the worst floods to hit southern China in half a century rose to nearly 200, officials said.

Officials in flood-stricken areas banged gongs to alert sleeping villagers before rivers burst their banks, washing away thousands of houses and submerging huge areas of cropland, they said Thursday."The scale of the disaster is still growing," said an official in southwestern Guizhou province, where raging waters have killed an estimated 120 people …