Typhoon Agnes - Nov 1984

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Typhoon Agnes originated near the Caroline Islands on 1 November. It hit the central Philippines on 5 November, bringing a death toll of at least 727. Several hundred people were reported missing and about 600,000 were made homeless. After crossing the South China Sea, Agnes landed over Viet Nam on 7 November and weakened into an area of low pressure over Thailand on 8 November. (Government of Hong Kong SAR, 1985)


Typhoon Undang (Agnes) hit the central regions of Leyte, Negros, Panay and Palawan Islands on 3 November. (UN DHA, 08 November 1984) A final report of casualties and damage from the typhoon stated that there were 862 dead, 197 injured and 217 missing. At least 1,495,738 persons (293,998 families) have been rendered homeless. The total damage to property, crops, livestock, roads and bridges was 1,929.5 million pesos (approx US$96.6 million). (UN DHA, 21 December 1984)

Viet Nam

Typhoon Agnes struck Viet Nam on 9 and 11 November causing damage to the Red River Delta and coastal provinces. Three days of rainfall, varying between 400 and 700mm, caused extensive flooding in Hanoi. (UN DHA, 15 November 1984) Anges caused at least 134 deaths and seriously affected around 650,000 people. At least 31,000 houses were completely destroyed and over 120,000 were flooded and damaged. Out of 198,000 hectares of rice paddies flooded, total crop losses occurred on 55,000 hectares. Crop losses also occurred on 6,310 hectares of maize, 8,652 sweet potatoes and 16,000 manioc. Some 400 schools and 230 nurseries were also destroyed. (UN DHA, 03 December 1984)

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