Indonesia: Mt. Merapi Volcanic Eruption - Jun 1984

Disaster description

Mt. Merapi in central Java started erupting again on 15 June at 24.11 hrs local time and continued until the next morning. The hot clouds reached approximately 5,000 metres in height. Surrounding forests were burned and several towns (Salatiga, Magelang, Ambarawa and Semarang) and surrounding areas were covered by ash up to 2-2.5 cm in thickness. (UN DHA, 18 Jun 1984)

Mt Merapi is still active with sporadic eruptions. Ash is being carried northward toward Boyoiali and Semarang. An estimated 39,000 persons are in danger zone one (districts Dukuh, Srumbung and Sawangan) evacuated to safer areas and return to their homes. Approximately 1.5 million cubic metres of lava flowed into Putih river, south-west of Merapi. Mt. Merapi last erupted in 1973, and increasing activity was observed in 1982 and 1983. (UN DHA, 22 Jun 1984)

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