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30 Jun 2014 description

Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Conducted series of climate change adaptation research studies and the current issue derived local level hazard maps on flood , storm surge & salinity. Based on the study a research publication has been done already. Considering the importance of data and information in the hazard for decision making by the policy stakeholder , the shorter person policy brief has be been developed and published .

21 Jan 2003 description

Earlier today, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Bangladesh signed an agreement to launch a USD 14.444 million initiative, aimed at substantially reducing the impact of natural and man-made disasters on the people of Bangladesh over the next five years.

05 Sep 1999 description

In addition to support under its regular and special facilities, the IMF provides emergency assistance through loans to help members meet economic problems arising from sudden and unforeseeable natural disasters. The IMF has also expanded the scope of emergency assistance to include countries emerging from conflict in carefully defined situations.

14 Jan 1999 description
report World Bank

News Release No. 99/2063/SAS
Dhaka Contact: Subrata S. Dhar: (880-2) 861056-68

18 Dec 1998 description


Although Bangladesh has diversified its economy, it continues to be one of the poorest countries in the world and, with its 120 million people, the most densely populated.

03 Sep 1998 description

By Rory Channing

DHAKA, Sept 3 (Reuters) - As investors worldwide gnaw their knuckles over stock market turmoil, many Bangladeshis are more concerned about where their next real meal may come from -- and when.

Many wonder too where they may be spending their next night.

Two months of relentless flooding have pummelled the impoverished nation of 125 million people, killing more than 550 people and burying three-quarters of the densely populated country under water.

And, with more rain predicted, weather forecasters say the floodwaters, churning filth and disease through a …

14 Aug 1998 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA 98/0270
OCHA Situation Report No. 4

12 Jul 1988 description

UNDRO 88/1428