ZPP Monthly Monitoring Report: Human Rights Violations (March 2018)

Situation Report
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'What free, fair and credible'


With the polls fast approaching an increase of less than 10% was recorded in violations recorded from the 176 cases recorded in February to 188. Most violations are related to the demand for voter registration slips. It has also been noted that citizens are being forced to buy ZanuPF membership cards. The ZanuPF card has long been associated with privilege as those who buy it, are protected from harassment and access benefits such as food and other aid. For the sake of peace those targeted have acquired the cards.

Power contestations in the opposition party seem to have subsided hence a decrease in the number of intra-party cases has been noted although tensions are still palpable ZPP is concerned with hate speech on social media, and mainstream media perpetrated by high profile politicians. The sad downstream effect is stoking of political tensions and intimidation of citizens. Agriculture and lands Minister retired Air Force Commander Perence Shiri described ZanuPF as 'a hyena capable of devouring its own children who dare abandon it for other parties.' The statement not only intimidates citizens hoping to exercise their political rights in 'free, fair and credible elections' but curtails their right to freedom of association. On social media, opposition party supporters have been directing hate speech against Thokozani Khupe and others opposed to Nelson Chamisa have been on the receiving end of hate speech. As political panics have started campaigning ZPP is worried by the hate slogans used.

As preparations for the harmonised polls gather momentum the Zimbabwe Republic Police has set up a National Elections Command Centre whose objective is to guarantee a peaceful environment.

The organisation was founded in 2000 by church-based and human rights organisations, The current members of ZPP are Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ). Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC). Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ). Counseling Services UM (CSU). Zimbabwe Human FO S Association (—IM NS). Civic Education Network Trust (CIVNET). Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human fbghts (ZLHR) and Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCo1). ZPP was established with the *actve of monitoring. documenting and balding peace and promoting the peaceful resatition of disputes and cats. The Zimbabwe Peace Project seeks to foster dialogue and pobtkal tolerance through non-partisan peace monitoring attMacts. mainly Through monitors who document the violators of rights in the provinces. The monitors. who at kW complement stand at 420. constitute the core pool of volunteers. supported by four Regional Coordinators. The Regional Coordinators relate with the national office headed by the National Director and programme officers in WSW units.