ZPP Monthly Monitor (October 2014)



The month of October saw intra-party fights remaining a major driver of conflict as the major political parties (Zanu PF & MDC-T) continued their internal power struggles ahead of their respective elective congresses. The ruling Zanu PF party topped in these internal fights as opposed to MDC-T's high during the month of September. In Zanu PF, conflicts were mainly characterised by hate speech with episodes of verbal and physical clashes stemming from the First Lady Grace Mugabe's 'Meet the People Rallies' while the MDC-T internal fights portrayed similar characteristics but at a smaller scale.

Here are a few examples of statements made by the First Lady at her rallies held throughout the country's 10 provinces that the ZPP believes have the potential to incite political violence in the near future.

"Ndakati munhu iyeye anotungamira factionalism tirikuda kuti mumuite baby dumping. Mukasamudumper isusu tichamudumper... Tonomudumper mustreet ogodyiwa nemagora nekuti kana takuita expose kana nhunzi chaidzo ukange wafa apo hadzidi kutombosvika padhuze newe kana imbwa chaidzo dzinenge dzakutotya kusvika padhuze (I told Baba (President Mugabe) to 'baby-dump' that person who is spearheading factionalism in this province (Mashonaland Central. I told him that if he does not dump the person, we will dump the person on the streets to be devoured by wild cats and once the person is exposed house flies and even dogs will be so disgusted they will not get anywhere near the person).

"Mai Mujuru's combination with Kaukonde is pathetic; she surrounds herself with political prostitutes. Kaukonde is a Mujuru agent, manje ndakamumaka (I am watching him!) big time. Iko kaye ndiko kane demon, (That one —Kaukonde- has a demon)".