ZPP First Quarter 2018: Human Rights Situation



Since inception in 2000, the Zimbabwe Peace Project has been monitoring and recording cases of human rights violations throughout the country with a view to building peace and promoting the peaceful resolution of disputes and conflict. As part of the monitoring exercise, in 2016, ZPP came up with a particular initiative to try and detect the early warning signs of political violence with a view to coming up with early intervention measures. Proactive in its outlook, the initiative involved identifying a list of potential indicators of political violence to look out for during the monitoring exercise. Once identified and recorded, the indicators would then be analysed and, depending on the findings, appropriate intervention measures would be fashioned. This exercise has been going on since 2016.

This report looks at the human rights violations recorded in the first three months of 2017 in order to: first, identify the general nature, context and characteristics of the violations; and second, to decipher what that means in view of the impending general election, which will reportedly be held in July this year. The idea is to identify the nature of the violations, understand their underlying causes, and then try to identify the appropriate intervention measures. Closer attention will be given to the potential for electoral violence in view of the impending election and how the violence could be averted.