ZimVAC Rapid Assessment Report


In response to the advent of the El Nino phenomena which has resulted in the country experiencing long dry spells, the ZimVAC undertook a rapid assessment focussing on updating the ZimVAC May 2015 results. The lean season monitoring focused on the relevant food and nutrition security parameters. The process followed a 3 pronged approach which were, a review of existing food and nutrition secondary data, qualitative district Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and for other variables a quantitative household survey which in most cases are representative at provincial and national level.

This report provides a summation of the results for the 3 processes undertaken and focuses on the following thematic areas: the rainfall season quality, 2015/16 agricultural assistance, crop and livestock condition, food and livestock markets, gender based violence, household income sources and livelihoods strategies, domestic and production water situation, health and nutrition, food assistance and a review of the rural food security projections. The report concludes by giving specific recommendations on each of the thematic areas outlined in the report.