Zimbabwe Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin Number 104 Week 12 (week ending 27 March)



  • Suspect cholera cases reported in Chipinge and Chegutu

A. General context

Cholera continues to be reported in week 12 of 2011, having spilled over from 2010. Since week 45 of 2010, no new outbreaks of measles have been reported, although the situation is being closely monitored. Malaria outbreaks have been reported in 3 districts. Within the region,
Rift Valley fever has been reported in South Africa.

B. Epidemic prone diseases


Ten out of the 62 districts, namely: Bikita, Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge, Chiredzi, Chegutu, Kadoma, Murewa, Mutare and Mutasa have reported cases since the start of 2011. There were 461 cumulative cases: 403 suspected cases, 58 laboratory confirmed cases and 31 deaths reported by the 27th March 2011. The crude case fatality rate is 6.7%.

Week 12 (21-27 March 2011)

  • Twenty nine suspected cases and 7 deaths were reported from Chipinge and one suspected case was reported from Chegutu

94.9% of these cases occurred in rural areas.

Surveillance continued in all districts, Bikita, Buhera, Kadoma, Mutasa and Mutare districts have not reported cholera cases for at least 2 weeks, hence the outbreak are over in those districts