Zimbabwe WASH Cluster Emergency Sitrep - 23 Mar 2009

Reporting Period: 16th March - 22nd March, 2009

This report only covers issues regarding WASH matters during the reporting period and cumulatively since the onset of the emergency. Information sent by WASH cluster members from Monday to Sunday of each week is reflected. More detailed reports are attached in the appendix. The SitRep is to be used as a vehicle of information exchange among partners and with other agencies. As of the Feb. 10th, 2009 SitRep, situation issues and partner activities will be summarized primarily from the Zimbabwe WASH Cluster WWWW IM tools.

CHOLERA SITUATION - OVERVIEW for the two week period

Total Cholera cases increased to 92,432 and deaths increased to 4,072. Case fatality remained the same1 at 4.4. The last week has seen a stabilisation cases and deaths in most areas.

Emerging Issues & Highlights

- Concern Worldwide - Due to the decrease in cholera and the increase in malaria, community workers and MoH are concentrating more on malaria prevention and control.

- Some WASH activities are planned in schools - Note water tanks should be availed in schools without nearby boreholes since school feeding is about to start.

- Blanket distribution of Non Food Items (NFIs) has commenced in Harare and continues in Binga, Beitbridge, Mount Darwin, Mutare and Guruve

- Protection working group presented findings on the Save the Children Alliance's assessment on how cholera is affected many vulnerable groups, especially children.

- Some organisations in liaison with city council and ministries working in Harare organized clean-up campaigns.

- Water quality testing in the recently drilled boreholes in Harare by both Government and a private laboratory have shown all boreholes to have safe water except one in Hatcliff (which is being disinfected) 50 boreholes have now been commissioned in Harare and are in use by the communities.

WASH response continues through the districts

- In Harare, Welthungerhilfe/GAA reports the situation remains unstable in Budiriro 1 and Glen View 3 4, 8 and are experiencing increases in cases. Health education is continuing in many suburbs of the city.

- In Zvimba, poor sanitation remains a major challenge.

- CARE International - Gweru district cholera meetings are being held every Tuesday at 10:00hrs. Contact CHIWARA MANASA 0912943241. The water situation has improved in Gweru urban wards. PHHE training is planned for many schools in the district.

- In Mwenezi, Care reports most people are now aware of the cholera epidemic hence they are attending PHHP sessions in large numbers. Cases emerging in the district are from areas which were not visited by the cholera response team for the district. EHT's should emphasise the need to have temporary latrines in all households without toilets.

- Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe - Many Makoni community members were reached during lead farmers training in sustainable livelihoods. The EHTs assisted with surveillance of the event. Cholera cases are now on the decline. GOAL in partnership with Linkage Trust distributed 500 NFI kits to rural Makoni.

- In Norton 10 boreholes have been drilled and the two rigs are moving to Chegutu. Drilling has been a challenge in Chitungwiza but suitable sites are still being sought.

- If you have done any assessment in your districts, please share it with us. The Social Mobilisation Group is working on common indicators for an upcoming survey specific topics (acceptance of aquatabs), so we want to get an idea of what has been done by you. Send them to the cholera response email and state survey and district in the subject.

Social Mobilisation

- 1st Training of Trainers(Community Mobilization for Cholera Response and Mitigation) for provincial health and hygiene promoters held in Harare (19-20th March). 55 participants in attendance from government and partners (NGOs and CBOs).

- 2nd Training to be held this week 26-27th March in Bulawayo. Follow-up district training funding has been secured through the C4, WHO has confirmed funding for priority districts.

- Social Mobilization team developed second generation IEC materials - how to prepare ORS and Seeking Treatment Early (Treatment is Free for Cholera patients).

- Funeral guidelines now endorsed by the Ministry of Health and made part of an Act of Parliament.

WWWW WASH tool version 4

- All partners are now using the Version 4 tool and the transition went well. With Concern completing its inventory from Aug - March, a map set of WASH cumulative response has been possible. Find attached the PDFs for many WASH factors, by district.

- As many of you have not been able to use the WARD column, I would ask you use the comments column to locate your response so I can determine the WARD. If you do not know the WARD you are in when you deliver response, name the nearest large town that appears on maps of Zimbabwe, or the nearest major clinic or CTC that is still with the same WARD.

- In general, the best use of comments column in the WWWW tool is as follows:

- to explain the contents of the NFI Kit

- To give estimates of female beneficiaries

- Provide location details

- Describe 'Other, specify'

- Describe other details - be liberal!

- Below is a complete list of the response maps, we will only attach some of them because of the size of the complete set. Send me an email (geriksson@unicef.org), and I will provide you with the map you are interested in.

1. Bladders

2. Buckets20l

3. Carbolic Soap

4. Clearing Gear

5. Household Soap

6. HTH

7. IEC Flyers

8. IEC Posters

9. Jerry Can 20L

10. LIME

11. NFI Kit

12. ORS

13. PHHP

14. PHHP Trainers

15. PHHP Volunteers

16. School Hygiene Prom

17. School Hygiene Prom

18. Sewer Rods

19. Sodium hypochlorite

20. Temporary Latrine

21. Water Point Rehab

22. Water Tank 5K

23. Water Treat Tabs

24. Water Trucking

Attached are two summaries, a weekly and a cumulative for the Districts.

For further information, please contact:

Ben Henson
WASH Cluster Coordinator
mobile: +263 (0) 912513758
email: bhenson@unicef.org

Penninah Mathenge
WASH Cluster Co-lead (Oxfam GB)
Mobile : +263 (0)912 437 566

SitRep ID: 23309WASH_CZim