Zimbabwe WASH Cluster Emergency Sitrep - 21 Aug 2009


Reporting Period: 27th July to 9th August, 2009

This report covers issues regarding WASH matters during the reporting period and cumulatively since the onset of the 2008 outbreak. Information sent by WASH cluster members for a given two week period is reflected. More detailed reports are attached in the appendix. The Sitrep is to be used as a vehicle of information exchange among partners and with other agencies.

CHOLERA SITUATION - OVERVIEW from 27th July to 9th August inclusive

Cholera was declared ended by the minister of Health and Child Welfare on July 28, 2009. Surveillance and monitoring activities continue in order to detect new cases and inform responses. The last reported case was on 3 July 2009.

Emerging Issues & Highlights

The WASH Cluster will sponsor a three day training on Cluster Coordination in Zimbabwe. Target participants include potential district level focal points (Provincial and District Medical Officers, local and international NGOs) district, provincial and national governmental representatives from the Health and Water sectors. The goal of this training is to improve coordination capacity within the country with an emphasis on WASH , improve coordination between governmental and non governmental actors, improve understanding of the WASH Cluster's role in cholera response and to ensure that the WASH Cluster is effectively supporting the Government of Zimbabwe's response to this year's anticipated cholera outbreak. The workshop will be held September 28-30. Space is limited. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to contact Mark Peters at mpeters@unicef.org.