Zimbabwe WASH Cluster Cholera Emergency Sitrep - 17 Feb 2009


Reporting Period: Feb 10th - 16th, 2009

This report only covers issues regarding WASH matters during the reporting period and cumulatively since the onset of the emergency. Information sent by WASH cluster members from Monday to Sunday of each week is reflected. More detailed reports are attached in the appendix. The SitRep is to be used as a vehicle of information exchange among partners and with other agencies. As of the Feb. 10th, 2009 SitRep, situation issues and partner activities will be summarized primarily from Zimbabwe WASH Cluster WWWW IM tools and C4.


Cholera cases increased by 4,265 and deaths increased by 164. Case fatality rate decreased by 0.2 to 4.7 compared to last week when cases increased by 4,904, deaths by 144 and a case fatality rate decrease of 0.2.

Emerging Issues & Observations from WWWW Partners

- Bore holes have not been maintained

- Encourage people to boil their water for drinking as well as using water treatment tablets

- Follow up to the discharged clients so as to continue health education with them as well as with the family members

- More food outlets need training on Hygiene

- Cross infection within clinics as health workers serving ordinary patients crosses to cholera treatment areas ignoring disinfection procedures

- A growing need for food at CTCs - both MoH staff and patients

- Resettled wards in Gweru have 90% of the communities fetching water from the river

- Health staff still demoralised because of non payment of allowances

- Cholera cases spreading along major rivers in Zvimba district

- Oxfam will move to Mt. Darwin, in collaboration with MoH and World Vision Zimbabwe