Zimbabwe WASH Cluster Cholera Emergency Sitrep - 10 Feb 2009


Reporting Period: Feb 3rd - 9th, 2009

This report only covers issues regarding WASH matters during the reporting period and cumulatively since the onset of the emergency. Information sent by WASH cluster members from Monday to Sunday of each week is reflected. More detailed reports are attached in the appendix. The SitRep is to be used as a vehicle of information exchange among partners and with other agencies. As of the Feb. 10th, 2009 SitRep, situation issues and partner activities will be summarized primarily from C4 tasking and the Zimbabwe WASH Cluster WWWW IM tools.


Cholera cases increased by 4,904 and deaths increased by 144. Case fatality rate decreased by 0.21 to 4.9 compared to last week when cases increased by 8,578, deaths by 324 and a case fatality rate decrease of 0.2.

Emerging Issues & Observations

People are more and more turning to surface water as their source of water supplies in many districts. Hunger appears in many areas, and may be contributing to infection. Many in difficult to access rural areas not being reached by WASH response and have re-occurring cases. Need to plan for long term preventive measures, especially water and sanitation programmes and PHHE programmes for seasonal outbreaks. Reminder regulations require residual chlorine levels in treated water should be at least 0.3 mg/l rather than 0.1 Incentives and transportation for the health personnel carrying out the outreach activities are needed to keep personnel active. Several reports of 50% - 60% of the boreholes in rural areas not functioning, many in need of minor repairs.

Ongoing Action Points & Supply Needs

Need to scale up hygiene promotion activities.

Huge demand for more IEC materials throughout the districts but note, IEC materials are now posted on OCHA website: http://ochaonline.un.org/Default.aspx?alias=ochaonline.un.org/zimbabwe UNICEF - 16 priority districts to be flooded with Basic Hygiene Kits - already arriving in the country. There is a need to flood the communities with aqua tabs as there are cases of illegal sales. Constant lack of NFIs ORS, fuel in most districts.

WWWW Collection Status and District Focal Point Coverage

Notes on the status of the WASH Cluster Information management tool and gathering efforts


Most partners responded - thank you

- Health / WASH Assessments

Use the Standard reporting format for cholera alert/outbreak rapid assessment, M Yao, J. Heeger

- Partner Capacity and WASH Monitoring - email Douglas Ravenstein, WASH Cluster Harare dravenstein@unicef.org with suggestions or existing formats and tools.

For further information, please contact:

Ben Henson, WASH Cluster Coordinator, mobile: +263 (0) 912513758, email: bhenson@unicef.org

Penninah Mathenge, WASH Cluster Co-lead (Oxfam GB), mobile: +263 (0)912 437 566, email: pmathenge@oxfam.org.uk