Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) Food and Nutrition Security Update Report, February 2020



The 2019 Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) Rural Livelihoods Assessment (RLA) report projected that 59% of the rural population would be cereal insecure during the peak hunger period (January to March 2020). This food insecurity prevalence translated to a population of about 5.5 million rural people. There was need for urgent food distribution or cash based transfers (to promote the local economy where feasible) to food insecure households in order to avoid a worsening situation.

The ZimVAC, acting as the technical advisory committee on assessments, undertook a Food and Nutrition Security Update with the broad objective of assessing the response to food and nutrition insecurity during the peak hunger period in Zimbabwe. collected data using a 3 pronged approach, that is, review of existing food and nutrition secondary data and District Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and a household survey. This report is a summation of the findings. Sincere gratitude and appreciation is being extended to all national, provincial, district level structures and the community at large for their active participation in the whole exercise.

We want to acknowledge the financial and technical support received from the Government of Zimbabwe and Development Partners. Without this support, the 2020 Food and Nutrition Security Update would not have been a success. We submit this report with the hope that it will guide and inform programming and decision making.

George D. Kembo (Dr)