Zimbabwe - Tropical Cyclone Idai Response Baseline Assessment - Round 4 Manicaland and Masvingo Provinces, July 2020


From the 29th of June to the 13th of July 2020, IOM DTM carried out a baseline assessment in 12 districts affected by Cyclone Idai in Manicaland and Masvingo provinces to monitor and track the locations and priority needs of the affected populations. A total of 60 enumerators were engaged and carried out assessments in 269 of the targeted 272 wards.

Overall, there is still 35,166 individuals displaced due to cyclone Idai, with the majority having returned to their original homes and in most cases living in makeshift structures. An estimated 7,667 homes were completely destroyed, while 25,190 homes were partially destroyed. In total 6,782 households are reported to be still in need of shelter support, with only 3,643 having received emergency shelter support since the cyclone made its landfall in Zimbabwe.

Baseline assessments were done at ward level through focus group discussions with key informants at the ward centres in coordination with the Department of Civil Protection. Enumerators were identified at district level and trained to carry out data collection. Gender mainstreaming was implemented throughout the whole assessment from enumerator selection and training to information gathering. The enumerators were encouraged to have a gender balanced composition amongst the key informants, in order to capture the needs and concerns from different gender perspectives.

This report presents descriptive analysis through province and district profiles and summary statistics, including an analysis of sector-wide needs, such as shelter, non-food items, water, sanitation and education.