Zimbabwe Preparedness Quarterly Update, April 2020

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  • The Zimbabwe National Logistics Sector for logistics preparedness and response was established in February 2020.
  • A National Preparedness Officer was appointed in March 2020.
  • Six logistics working groups were established to address logistics preparedness needs. Terms of Reference were drafted.


Following the support for Cyclone Idai, a joint Scoping Mission between the Global Logistics Cluster (GLC) and the World Food Programme (WFP) Zimbabwe Country Office Supply Chain Unit was conducted from 30 October to 1 November 2019 to introduce and layout the groundwork for the rollout of the Preparedness Project in Zimbabwe. The Scoping Mission team met with the Department of Civil Protection (DoCP), various United Nations (UN) and INGO/NGO actors, national societies and the private sector.

Emergency Preparedness is one of the core objectives of DoCP that they would like to strengthen and integrate to other ongoing humanitarian activities. As such, DoCP was keen to see the Preparedness Project rolled out in Zimbabwe as soon as possible.

A Logistics Preparedness Expert was deployed to Zimbabwe late January 2020 to set up the project foundations of a National Logistics humanitarian Sector for the government, the national stakeholders and the private sector. Under the lead of DoCP, a gap analysis and action planning workshop was scheduled for early April with 76 participants, including 15 line ministries, sub national representatives, humanitarian agencies representatives and private sector representatives. The aim of this workshop was to identify key gaps, strengthen the logistics emergency response in Zimbabwe and develop an action plan to enhance national capacity.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with WHO’s directives and the social distancing regulations, the workshop has been postponed until it is safe to convene.