Zimbabwe - Preparedness Emergency Warehouse Assessment and Mapping Masvingo Mash East, 7-9 October 2020



The Department of Civil Protection requested the support of the Global Logistics Cluster Logistics Preparedness Project to identify potential emergency warehouse locations in preparedness for flood and lean season. The mapping needs to be completed before the end of October when the wet season begins.

The emergency warehouse assessments will be coordinated by a representative of the Provincial Development Coordinator office (PDC) guided by tools developed by the Preparedness Project working groups (Warehouse Assessment guidelines and Disaster Warehouse Flood map).It was agreed that the Preparedness project would sponsor the first two Provincial assessments as a capacity building exercise and to test the assessment tool. Following this, the PDC will continue the process for the remaining provinces and map the emergency storage locations.

The DoCP identified Masvingo and Mashonaland East as the highest risk and most needed assessment to pilot the process. The PDC, the District Development Coordinator(DDC), the local Government, World Food Programme (WFP)Field Office, the humanitarian partners, the army, and the private sector were engaged in the assessment of two risk location sin Masvingo. The PDC representative will continue the assessment for the remaining two areas in the province.