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The process to rewrite Zimbabwe's constitution has formally begun today. The measure was included in the political accord undersigned in the political accord allowing for the formation of the national unity government made up by three parties last year. Today, the MP's called to preside 17 thematic commissions entrusted with redrafting the Constitution have started their related training. Tomorrow, the vice-presidents and 560 members of the various commissions will be nominated. In conformance with the political accord, the constituent commissions will be made up 30% by MP's and 70% by civil society representatives. The constituents' nominations and training will have to conclude on January 10 to give way to the actual discussions to draft the new text. After the end of the discussions, there will be three months time to present a Constitution plan before the Constituent Assembly, which will have to approve it before submitting to a parliamentary vote. At the end of this process, the new Charter will be presented to the people of Zimbabwe who will express their opinion in a referendum. The approval of a new constitution is the necessary condition toward the organization of new general political elections. [AB]