Zimbabwe mVAM Bulletin #8: March 2017 - Food security improves with humanitarian assistance and the start of the harvest


Key points:

  • Food security has improved thanks to humanitarian assistance and the early harvest

  • Food prices have dropped due to reduced market demand as households start to consume their own produce

  • Households headed by women were more likely to resort to negative coping strategies than those headed by men

Situation Update

The wet weather continued throughout March. The rains negatively affected food crop production and cash crops including tobacco and cotton. The early cereal crop harvest was already underway with the expectation that the bulk of the crop would be harvested in May and June. Production is expected to recover from last year’s El-Niño affected output.

However, flooding and waterlogging in some areas is likely to reduce crop production. An armyworm outbreak is also expected to slightly reduce maize production in some areas.