Zimbabwe mVAM Bulletin #5: December 2016 - Food security worsens for households headed by women

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Key points

  • Household food security remained stable for households headed by men but deteriorated for those headed by women

  • Over two thirds of respondent households were using the most severe coping strategies

  • Negative coping levels were higher in Harare in December compared with November

  • Prices of maize grain and maize meal increased in most surveyed markets

Situation Update

Dams were at record-low levels at the end of November. In December, increased rainfall improved water levels, which significantly improved water availability for humans, livestock and other livelihood uses. Nonetheless, average dam levels remain far below expected levels, with a December average of 41.1 percent compared with the usual level of 60 percent. Crop conditions were fair to good in the north. In the south, the crop conditions were mostly fair, though crops were water stressed in some areas where rain has been erratic.