Zimbabwe Measles Immunisation and Child Health Days campaign 2010 - 24 May to 2 June

Campaign diary day 6: 29 May 2010

By the end of day 5, at least 2.9 Million children had been vaccinated against measles and 985,154 had received Vitamin A supplements. Sending of immunization data to the national level has improved, and now sees from 73-100% of all district vaccination centres reporting. Provincial medical directors are being encouraged to ensure all centres report daily to enable the national taskforce to gauge which areas need additional support and provide it immediately.

Community mobilizers are being urged to increase the already considerable effort put into social mobilization to ensure no eligible children remain un-immunized against measles or other vaccine-preventable diseases. In particular, hard-to-reach groups in cities, pockets of religious objectors in various provinces and people living in remote areas shall be the focus for the coming days. Provinces have devised different ways to take care of these groups, including but not limited to door-to-door campaigns, after-hours vaccination at clinics, outreaches at church gatherings and in remote areas. At community level, mobilization has been carried out through head masters, ward councillors, kraal heads, village headmen, village health workers, apostolic faith leaders and church leaders. Printed media (newspapers, posters, banners, and leaflets), radio and television have been used to reach members of the public as well.

Logistics teams continue to provide support, ensuring vaccines and diluents are distributed or redistributed to the centres needing them.

For more information, please contact:

Wendy Julias

World Health Organization

+263 (4) 253 724

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