Zimbabwe Hydrological Update as at 02 January 2014

from Government of Zimbabwe
Published on 02 Jan 2014 View Original

 The country is now in the rainy season and as expected the dam levels as well as flows in the major rivers are increasing. The national dam levels now stand at 46.1% full. There are high chances of flooding in the flood prone areas of Zimbabwe which include Muzarabani, Gokwe, Middle Sabi, Tsholotsho and Chikwalakwala during this period, and it is essential for people to take the necessary precautions.

 The Zambezi River flows are now at 867m3/s from 647 m3/s on the 31st of December the current flows are now above the expected flows of 753m3/s at this time of the year.

 Lake Kariba is at 56.9% full and the current lake level is well above the 39.8% expected level at this time of the year.

 In the Gwayi Catchment which covers greater parts of Matabeleland North Province, an increase in dam levels by 0.1% since the 23rd of December 2013 has been realized. The current dam levels stand at 43.3% full on average.

 In the Mzingwane Catchment (mainly Matabeleland South Province), the dam levels in the catchment stand at 53.1% full on average and the Limpopo River levels are close to 5m at the moment, and chances of flooding in the neighboring areas are very high.

 In the Save Catchment (mainly Manicaland Province), flows in the Save River at the Condo Dam site (E21) are currently averaging 3.31m3/s and have been increasing due to the rainfall being experienced across the country. Flows in Devure River at E118 which feeds into Save River are currently averaging 3.86m3/s. The dams in the catchment are currently averaging 63.1% full.

 In the Manyame Catchment (mostly Mashonaland West Province), as of today (02/01/2014) the flows in Musengezi River at C68 (Centenary) are averaging 0.392m3/s. The current flows are below the average flows expected of 2.0m3/s at this time of the year. Downstream at Chidodo in the Mbire District the Musengezi River levels are currently 2.45m. The current level is below the threshold of flooding (7.2m) in the area. The dam levels in the catchment stand at 83.8% full on average.

 In the Mazowe Catchment which covers mainly the Mashonaland Central Province, the Mazowe River flow is 26.7m3 /s and the dam levels in the catchment currently stand at 62.0% full on average.