Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook Update - September 2011


Household and market cereal availability remain stable

Key Messages

• The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVac) estimated about 11.5 percent of both rural and urban people nationwide to be food insecure in the 2011/12 consumption year.

• Though still relatively stable, cost of living indicators showed a worsening movement between July and August 2011 as the market responded to both the civil servants’ salary increment in July 2011 and the reintroduction of import duties on some consumer goods in August 2011.

• Availability of basic food stuffs remains stable throughout the country. Household cereal stocks and purchases remain the major sources of staple cereals.

• The 2011/12 rainfall season is forecasted to have increased chances of normal to below-normal rainfall in the first half of the season and increased chances of normal to above-normal rainfall in the second half of the season. Seed, fertilizer, and chemical availability as well as farming households’ purchasing power indicate marked improvements compared to the situation at the same time last summer season.