Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook Update, June 2015


Maize grain demand and retail prices atypically high in southern areas


  • Acute food insecurity is currently Minimal (IPC Phase 1) in most northern areas and expected to continue through September. However, in the south, where drought-affected households are currently Stressed (IPC Phase 2), the situation is expected to deteriorate to Crisis (IPC Phase 3) between July and September.

  • Most poor and very poor households in the southern parts of the country (Matebeleland North and South, Masvingo, southern parts of Midlands, and Manicaland Provinces) are relying exclusively on cereal purchases. Maize grain availability in the southern districts is low in most markets and prices are atypically high. However, maize meal remains readily available and demand continues to increase.

  • Livelihood options in the south are limited and current household incomes are low and expected to continue deteriorating through September. The lean season is expected to start earlier than usual in all areas but particularly in the south due a very poor harvest and the general lack of livelihood options for poor and very poor households.