Zimbabwe Food Security Outlook February 2013

Situation Report
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Food security situation expected to continue improving


  • Despite seasonal staple food increases, the food security situation across the country remains Minimal (IPC Phase 1) as a result of a steady food imports and the continued distribution of food assistance to rural households by the Government of Zimbabwe and the humanitarian community.

  • Rainfall performance for the second half of the season has been favorable with most areas having received normal and above-normal rains by the end of January. Most maize crop conditions range from fair to good. If normal to above normal rainfall continues into late March and early April, this will enhance chances for favorable production in most parts of the country.

  • Fertilizer is not available in some markets across the county and when it is available many poor households cannot afford to purchase it. Inaccesibility to fertilizer will likely result in lower yields because heavy rainfall experienced in many parts of the country in January has resulted in soil leaching, requiring additional top dressing fertilizer for crops.