Zimbabwe - Food Security and Markets Monitoring, May 2022


Situation Update

Inflation is on the rise - in May, headline inflation increased from 96% to 132%, food inflation rose from 104% to 155%, and monthly inflation spiked from 15.5% in April to 21% in May 2022. The price of fuel increased by an average of 2% in USD terms and 76% for ZWL prices. These factors are increasing market pressures, which disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable communities whose incomes have remained largely stagnant. Zimbabwe has been added to the list of hotspots countries in the latest FAO-WFP Hunger Hotspots report The government has responded to potential shortages of basic commodities by lifting import bans and suspending duties on selected imported basic food and non-food commodities for six months starting May 17. Maize, wheat, and soya beans continue to be sold solely to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) or contractors; 30 percent of payments to producers for maize and small grains are made in USD, the rest being in ZWL.