Zimbabwe Food Security and Agriculture Sector Dashboard, September 2016


Agriculture & Food Security Updates

  • The Comprehensive Livelihoods, Food Security, and Nutrition Vulnerability Assessment (ZimVAC) indicate that 2.2 million people are currently food insecure (July-Sept). This number is expected to increase to 4.1 million people at the peak of the lean season, from January to March 2017.
  • All the agencies implementing Cash-Based programmes have harmonized the transfer value to USD 7, based on the latest market assessments. Partners have been working to streamline the commodities and indictors measured in their market assessments.
  • Based on the advice of the Humanitarian Country Team, WFP and FAO have merged the Emergency Agriculture and Food Security Sector Working Groups.
  • Sub-national Multi-Stakeholder meetings have been organized to further strengthen coordination between partners and government counterparts (Districts, Province and Central)