Zimbabwe: Food crisis emerging

A major food crisis is emerging in Zimbabwe where about 2.9 million people require food aid over the next year.

Your help is needed to get life-saving supplies to people in need.

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PWS&D responds: Food, livestock and training

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D) is providing food aid, small livestock, crop inputs and farmer training to vulnerable households. PWS&D has provided $20,000 through Action by Churches Together and another $25,000 through Canadian Foodgrains Bank.


In addition to drought which has affected the southern part of the country, the food crisis is exacerbated by the country's unprecedented economic decline, very high unemployment (80%) and the impact of HIV and AIDS. Inflation is running anywhere from 2,000 - 7,000 percent. The majority of the population is subsisting below the poverty line of US$1/day. Most basic commodities and services (food, fuel, transport, electricity, health, etc.) are in short supply and are too expensive for ordinary people.