Zimbabwe Flash Flood Update #1 (as of 18 January 2013)

Following heavy rains in parts of Zimbabwe, some provinces have reported ash oods and incidents related to heavy rainfall. This Flood Update is intended to provide partners with a quick overview of the current situation.
According to the Meteorological Department, moist conditions persisted across the country during the period 7 to 13 January 2013, resulting in moderate to heavy rainfall across the country. In some cases very heavy falls in excess of 100mm in 24 hours were experienced.
As a result, the ground has become water logged in places and the drainage of water has been greatly reduced. The Department warned that cloudy conditions with intermittent rain and outbreaks of thunder are expected in all areas from 15 to 22 January 2013, leading to a high risk of ooding as heavy rains in excess of 50mm in 24 hours are expected in some places. Below is a summary of incidents reported by Provincial and District Authorities and NGO partners in various provinces. More information will be availed following the results of assessments currently being conducted by the Humanitarian Community in partnership with the Department of Civil Protection (DCP).

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