Zimbabwe: Emergency Response Fund (ERF) Update, March 2011

ERF News:

Review of the ERF Charter and adoption of a criterion for selection of projects to be funded under the ERF has been completed. In a Board meeting on 15 February 2011, chaired by the Humanitarian Coordinator and attended by representatives of national and international NGOs as well as UN agencies, the Board reviewed proposed changes and made the following recommendations. h Scope of ERF supported interventions to be better defined. Deletion of Statement of Principles of Partnership as it was found to confuse applicants with what the fund does. Spelt out role of clusters and Gender Adviser in review of submitted projects Set frequency of ERF Advisory Board meetings to once every two months and indicated when to call an ad-hoc emer-gency meeting. Included role of the HC and ERF Board members in fundraising activities to replenish the fund Harmonised over-expenditure limitations of 10% per budgetline as provided in the MOU template Reporting requirements are better captured. Introduced an appeal process for applicants who may be unhappy with a Board decision.

The ERF has organized a donor round table fundraising event on 24 March 2011 with an aim to replenish the Fund.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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