Zimbabwe: Emergency Agriculture Input Project - restructuring - Main report


The objective of the Emergency Agriculture Input Project is to increase access to improved seeds among 300,000 smallholder farmers farming in targeted food-insecure communal lands of Zimbabwe. These farmers were successfully assisted during the 2009/10 cropping season. The project has contributed to reducing the country's dependence on expensive grain imports and food aid. However, drought affected parts of the country in 2009/10 and many households remain dependent on external assistance. The restructuring will allow a second year of maize seed purchases and distribution to be completed with savings obtained from the unexpectedly low cost of maize seed purchased in 2009. An additional 45,000 farmers will again be provided an allocation of 10 kg of improved maize seed. This requires a small change in the original budget allocation. There will also be an upward adjustment in the performance indicators to account for the additional seed allocation.