Zimbabwe: Appeal No. MAAZW001 Programme Update No. 1


This report covers the period of 01/01/08 to 30/06/08.

In brief

Programme purpose: Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) programmes are focused on reducing suffering amongst the most vulnerable people, through the implementation of programmes to mitigate the effects of disasters and diseases.

Programme summary: ZRCS is currently implementing programmes on community-based homebased care (HBC), water and sanitation, disaster preparedness and response, food security and livelihoods. The demand for humanitarian services is on the increase due to the on-going social, political and economic crises in the country. The budget and activities for 2008 have therefore been revised to reflect the current and envisaged humanitarian needs in the country, and focus is on disaster management and capacity building.

The Red Cross branches are the most important part of the National Society (NS)'s structure and therefore more resources have bee directed towards branch development activities. ZRCS has maintained stability in its leadership which has ensured continuity and sustainability of programmes, at same scaling-up and rolling out of activities to reach a wider population

Zimbabwe was affected by floods in January 2008 and the disaster management department mobilised resources towards the response operation, which lasted six months. Accompanying the floods were widespread cholera outbreaks to which ZRCS responded jointly with the Ministry of Education. In the same reporting period, ZRCS developed a contingency plan, and pre-positioned some relief stocks in case of violence during the presidential, parliamentary and council elections held in March 2008.

The most vulnerable groups have been identified as the people living with HIV (PLHIV), orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), the elderly and chronically ill, and were provided with relief assistance during the emergencies, and thereafter, long-term assistance. The ZRCS strong volunteer base was instrumental in achieving the expected results outlined in both long-term term programmes and emergency operations.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) country representation office provided in-country support during the disaster response operations, contingency planning, donor relations management, resource mobilisation and capacity building initiatives.

Financial Situation: The total budget for 2008 was CHF 3,033,867 of which 62 percent is covered. The budget is being revised for 2008 to CHF 2,343,021 as indicated in the table below.