Zimbabwe Food Security Brief September 2013



 The majority of households were consuming cereals purchased from private traders or retailers. Own produced cereal stocks were depleted in most areas. Maize was generally available on the markets with the northern parts having mostly grain while in the southern parts it was mostly maize meal.

 Average prices of maize (both grain and mealie meal) were more than 20% higher than last year and 28% more than the 3‐year average.

 Maize grain was most expensive in Matabeleland South province, recording $0.55 per kilogram on average and least expensive in Mashonaland Central province were a kilogram retailed $0.30. Maize meal was also most expensive in Matabeleland South.

 Poor and vulnerable households were coping with food access challenges by disposing small livestock or exchanging labour for grain. Purchasing power for households exchanging livestock for grain went down on average by 13% while that of households exchanging casual labour for grain went down by 18%.