Villagers to benefit from irrigation scheme

More than 1 000 families here are set to benefit from a 2 000 acre irrigation scheme being implemented by the government.

The irrigation scheme in the Manjolo area, about 30km south of Binga business centre, is expected to be operational before the end of the year. The project engineer, Benjamin Mangwiro, told The Zimbabwean it was 70 percent complete.

“Right now we are putting the final touches on the construction of the pump house and the installation of outstanding equipment. We have completed the construction of the night storage tank and two other reservoirs which have the capacity to store 10 700 cubic metres of water each,” said Mangwiro.

He added that the water for the irrigation scheme would be pumped from the Zambezi River through a 9,4km pipeline.

“This is an advanced and efficient irrigation system. The pivot system is capable of irrigating 100 hectares of land at a given time,” he said.