Zimbabwe + 2 more

UMCOR Hotline 19 Jul 2005: Zimbabwe, USA, Liberia

Zimbabwe: Caring for Zimbabwe's Homeless

UMCOR is joining other faith-based humanitarian agencies to provide basic necessities to hundreds of thousands of people who were were driven from their homes in an urban clean-up campaign. This comes during the country's coldest season in June and July. Tents, cooking utensils, soap, and emergency food are among the emergency aid. Warm blankets will also be available to help people keep warm during the coldest months of the year.

Right now faith-based organizations such as UMCOR are the only agencies able to assist these internal refugees. UMCOR has established a special Advance so that your gifts can provide meaningful help. Please pray for our sisters and brothers in Zimbabwe, and give now to UMCOR Advance #199456, Zimbabwe Emergency.

US: Hurricane Dennis Recovery

This week as residents of the Florida Panhandle and Alabama clean up after Hurricane Dennis' high winds and rains, others inland mop up water in flooded homes, hoping to dry out before it rains again.

"We know that a portion of the damage caused by this hurricane is the damage to people's sense of well-being," says Paul Dirdak, UMCOR's top executive. "Having such a major storm so early, with another right behind it, increases the feeling of hopelessness. UMCOR knows the importance of spiritual and emotional care in a disaster, as well as giving care to the caregivers. We will accompany the people experiencing these difficult times."

Even as Dennis recovery continues, Hurricane Emily is sweeping a path of destruction through the Caribbean, Mexico, and is moving toward the Texas/Mexico border. UMCOR is assessing the situation in affected areas.

Your gift to UMCOR's Hurricanes 2005 Global, Advance #982523 will help the many who are hurting as a result of this already active hurricane season.

Young Humanitarians: The "Art" of Gift Giving

Artistic endeavors of young United Methodists--such as a variety show, an original book, and a choir tour--raised money for UMCOR's South Asia Advance recently. Here's how these young humanitarians have used their talents to support long-term recovery in regions struck by the December 2004 tsunami.

- Junior high youth at Park Slope United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, NY, produced a dinner theater, complete with musical and theatrical acts. They sent their proceeds -- $650 -- to UMCOR, earmarked for use in tsunami redevelopment efforts.

- "Poor Old Dog" is the title of Evan Korte's original book about his family dog. Evan's idea was to market his book to family and friends*but when his pastor, the Rev. Dave Truran, heard about it, the book became a best seller at Fenton, MI, United Methodist Church. Evan decided to give all the proceeds to UMCOR. His goal: $1,000.

- The Exaltation Singers of First United Methodist Church, Coppell, TX, are 70 students in grades 6-12. They've been on tour, "Singing With the Spirit," this summer in the northeast and their home church. At each stop they received an offering, dedicated to UMCOR's South Asia Relief.

UMCOR thanks all these young humanitarians for their creativity and generosity as they model the way for all United Methodists with a heart for service

Liberia: Helping Former Soldiers to Lead Productive Lives

Through a program funded by United Nations Development Programme, UMCOR helped 722 former soldiers learn new skills through an eight month training program. The trainees learned marketable skills in tailoring, carpentry, and dyeing. They attended small business management classes to learn how to set up a new business using their skills. In addition to the skills training, the students learned basic math, reading and writing. The program included psycho-social counseling to participants who needed additional help in coping with the emotional toll of their past.

You can help UMCOR in this important work of healing the deep wounds of war in Liberia through your gifts to UMCOR Advance #150300, Liberia Emergency.

UMCOR provides emergency relief in many areas of the world. To find out more about UMCOR's ministries, please visit umcor.org. You can donate to any project by placing a contribution in the offering plate at a local United Methodist church; by sending a check to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068; or by calling 1-800-554-8583, where credit card donations are accepted. UMCOR is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.

And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.