Tzu Chi’s Flood Relief


Due to the heavy downpours, by the end of 2014, areas in the suburb of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, were flooded. Floodwater led to the collapse of houses as they were made of mud walls, displacing many flood survivors.

For families who sustained damages, they can only afford to rebuild with recycled material given by their neighbors and relatives, like plastic bags, cardboards and white linen sacks. Their shelters are barely enough to protect them from nature elements not to mention safety and security. Some families are crowded together in a small living space which does not provide privacy for children and women.

Finding safe drinking water is a major challenge. Besides helping the survivors to dig wells, Tzu Chi volunteers also educate the survivors to avoid drinking the surface water. Safe drinking water is provided from the wells that Tzu Chi installed before the floods.

On 3 Jan. 2015, Tzu Chi volunteers quickly assessed the disaster in the hardest hit areas while offering mental care and support. Working with the local government officials for the disaster assessment, we found the following: about 1200 houses in Epworth, 4000 houses in Hopley, 200 houses in Eye-Court and 200 houses in Retreat are completely destroyed.

To help families who have lost their home, Tzu Chi volunteers distributed the following relief aid to each of the families they visited: one bag of 10 kg rice, clothes, accessories, and Tzu Chi eco blankets. From 3 Jan. 2015 to 20 Jan. 2015, a total of 1,200 families had been benefited from Tzu Chi’s aid distribution. Tzu Chi plans to continue this relief.


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