Supporting A Sustainable Future - UNDP in Zimbabwe 2012-2015 Report

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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Promoting Citizen Participation and Good Governance

UNDP supported five key interventions to sustain Zimbabwe’s political and economic recovery. These included: i) enhancing national capacities for the promotion and protection of human rights, the rule of law and access to justice for all; ii) strengthening national capacities for peace-building and dialogue, national healing and reconciliation and integration; iii) improving accountability mechanisms and public service delivery capacity; iv) enhancing public participation in decision making and the democratic process, including constitution making; and v) promoting laws, policies and frameworks that ensure gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Key support was given to the implementation of the new Constitution to strengthen capacity in democratic governance.

The Country Office provided technical and financial support to (i) establish and operationalise the Human Rights Commission; (ii) draft the Gender Commission Bill; (iii) draft the principles of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) Bill; (iv) aligning local government legislation to the new Constitution; (v) orientation and induction of new councillors in line with the new constitutional mandate; and (vi) establish the Justice, Law & Order coordination policy. In anticipation of the establishment of the NPRC, national and local peace-building capacities for State and non-State actors were enhanced.

The Enhancing Justice Delivery and Human Rights for All project helped create important coordination mechnisms, including a coordinating platform for justice, law and order sector (JLOS), and a Capacity Gap Assessment Report and Implementation Strategy.

UNDP support to the Universal Periodic Review process additionally built up cross-sectoral partnerships between Government and other stakeholders, including CSOs, faith-based organisations, parliament and independent commissions.

Independent evaluation of the programme on good governance for sustainable development rated UNDP’s contribution to constitution-making very high and found the programme was well on course to achieve its outcome. According to the report, the programme was relevant to Zimbabwe’s context as it responded directly to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) that provided for the Inclusive Government (IG).

The evaluation report said the programme was well implemented and designed appropriately to respond to the complex political environment.