Strengthening COVID-19 surveillance

COVID-19 affected returning migrants receive post arrival support

WHO carried out supportive supervision in Harare Metropolitan Province to strengthen COVID-19 surveillance, identify gaps and ensure continuous quality improvement of the COVID-19 response through ongoing mentorship and supportive supervision.

So far, facilities in Epworth and Harare Eastern district have been supported. By 30 January, the support to facilities in all districts of Harare, Chitungwiza and Epworth will be completed.

Meanwhile, IOM provided to returning migrants with PPE and with information on infection prevention and control, hand washing facilities.

IOM also provided post arrival support such as transport, general hygiene, non-food items and menstrual hygiene management kits for returned migrants. In this regard, this week, IOM distributed 112 hygiene kits, 177 non-food item kits and five menstural hygiene management kits were distributed in Beitbridge along with 20 hand sanitizers and 50 facemasks.