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Southern Africa Monthly Food Price Update - November 2018



In most countries across southern Africa, national average maize prices currently remain below 5 year average (5YA) levels. The exception to this is Zambia, where in September, the national average maize price was 5 percent above the 5YA.

Markets in Zambia appear to be experiencing stress earlier this year, and in mid-October, the Zambian Government imposed temporary restrictive measures on the exportation of maize grain/ meal products to help secure national strategic reserves.

In general, countries’ national average maize prices are higher this year than last year. Compared to the same month of the previous year, the national average maize price in Mozambique was 30% higher, in South Africa 26% higher, and in Malawi 25% higher.

From September to October, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate surged from approximately 5 percent to 21 percent, and its food inflation rate reached approximately 27%. This is a cause for concern as the lean season progresses. A market assessment is currently underway, and we will continue to closely monitor the situation.