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Southern Africa Monthly Food Price Update - November 2016



  • ‘The National Crop Estimate Committee’s data showed that RSA 2016/17 total maize plantings could increase by 27% from the previous season to 2.46 million hectares (more specifically, white and yellow maize plantings could increase by 43% y/y and 8% y/y to 1.46 million and 1.01 million hectares, respectively)’ – Agbiz, www.agbiz.co.za)

  • ‘RSA maize imports for the week ending 21 October 2016 came in at 81 911 tons (31% share was white maize from Mexico and 69% share was yellow maize from Argentina and Romania). Therefore, RSA 2016/17 yellow maize imports reached 854 385 tons, which is 46% of the seasonal import forecast. At the same time, RSA 2016/17 white maize imports reached 345 339 tons - 41% of the seasonal import forecast’ – Agbiz, www.agbiz.co.za)

  • September’s month-on-month (m-o-m) maize retail prices saw mixed maize price trends. Increases were experienced in Tanzania of 12.9 per cent, Zambia (6.1 per cent), Mozambique (4.3 per cent) South Africa (1 per cent), Swaziland (0.4 per cent) and Malawi (0.1 per cent). Only Lesotho and Zimbabwe saw decreases in the national average maize retail price (-0.4 and -6.7 per cent respectively). DRC recorded an increase in its national average price of cassava flour by 10.8 per cent while RoC saw a decrease of -5.1 per cent between its national average September and October prices. Average national maize prices remain above their five-year-average levels for October (between 13 per cent in Zimbabwe to 163 per cent in Mozambique), highlighting shortage of maize on markets across southern Africa.

  • WFP Alert on Price Spikes (ALPS): 78 per cent (101 out of 130) of ALPS monitored markets in southern Africa were either in Stress, Alert or Crisis in October 2016; up from 77 per cent of markets in September 2016. The countries with the highest reported number of ALPS monitored markets in Alert and Crisis across southern Africa In October were Malawi (95 per cent) and Mozambique (100 per cent).