Shortage of schools critical

by Pamenus Tuso

The newly elected Mangwe junior MP, Sarudzai Tigere, says the shortage of primary schools in her constituency is critical and has led to children either dropping out of school or being forced to walk long distances every day.

Tigere, a lower sixth student at Empandeni girls high school, was elected the junior MP for the constituency in June. She said she was very worried about the many children who were dropping out of school due to poverty and subjected to child labour in the form of daily rural household chores such as water and firewood fetching.

“School-going children, particularly those in primary schools, face numerous challenges in my constituency. Since I was elected, I have done an assessment of their needs and what is clear is that pupils are walking long distances. Children from less privileged homes are also dropping out of school because they cannot afford tuition fees “said the MP.

Tigere, 17, said she and the junior chief in the area, Nhlanhla Ncube, were planning to hold a series of fund-raising projects. The proceeds will go towards paying school fees and uniforms for the less privileged children in the constituency.

“We hope to involve our senior MPs in these projects. We will have a meeting of all the junior and senior MPs in the constituency so that we deliberate on how best to assist the children,” she said.

The junior parliamentarian also called for the establishment of child friendly schools in the country.

“As children leaders we are advocating for child friendly learning centres where children are not subjected to corporal punishment. We also demand that education should be affordable to all the children” she said.

School children in most parts of Matabeleland provinces are performing dismally in school due to poverty, poor infrastructure and inadequate learning facilities. Last year, about six schools in Gwanda, Matabeleland South, failed to record a single pass. Owing to grinding poverty, school children spend most of their time looking for food instead of going to school.