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S. Africa Home Affairs Promises 140,000 Permits for Zimbabweans by July 31

Program manager Eddie Matsangaise of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum says advocates are now demanding clarification from authorities as to those who are awaiting passports from the Zimbabwean government

Tatenda Gumbo | Washington

The South African Home Affairs Department says it will issue some 140,000 residency permits in the nine days until the expiration of the deadline for the completion of the Zimbabwean documentation program, dealing with outstanding issues in August.

Officials said activity in August will only concern permits that have been adjudicated, adding that the office will not accept new applications for residency.

The Home Affairs Department has distributed some 133,810 permits to Zimbabweans.

The office said that of the applications filed, 273,514 have been adjudicated while a remaining 2,248 applications are yet to be processed. The number of applicants who are still awaiting passports from Zimbabwean authorities has not been disclosed.

Civic organizations helping Zimbabweans in the approach to the deadline are advising those without permits to wait for an alert from Home Affairs to pick them up.

Program Manager Eddie Matsangaise of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum said advocates are now seeking as to those awaiting passports from the Zimbabwean government.

Matsangaise told VOA Studio 7 reporter Tatenda Gumbo that he believes this is one of the issues that will be dealt with during the August mop-up phase.

The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, like other organizations, has called for a moratorium for those who may not meet the deadline but have outstanding applications.